The Institute of Public Finance is a public institution that conducts scientific research programs as a public service in the area of Social Sciences, fields of Economics and Political Science and in the area of Natural Sciences, field of Mathematics.

The Institute carries out research into primarily economic topics important for economic growth and development, transition to the market economy and meeting the requirements for European integration. Under the general aegis of public sector economics, topics such as transparency, accountability and participation, the tax system, costs of taxation, progressiveness of taxation, fiscal federalism, the pension and social welfare system, public debt, the unofficial economy, state aid, foreign direct investment, the financing of science and higher education, and the relations between the executive and legislative branches in the budgetary process are all subjected to ongoing investigation of the Institute’s researchers.

Besides the permanent research activities program and projects commissioned by the Ministry of Science and Education, the Institute conducts both occasional and permanent research for national and international clients, ministries, agencies and other public bodies, chambers, public and private enterprises, the European Commission, non-governmental associations and other contracting entities.

Pretraživani pojam:

Project: Causes and prevalence of the shadow economy in Croatia

Project leader: Josip Franić

Period: continuously from 2013

Project: Economic consequences of population ageing

Project leader: Marijana Bađun

Period: continuously from September 2019

Project: Analysis of maternity and parental benefits in the period 2016-2021 and assessment of the new legislative proposals

Project leader: Ivica Urban

Period: February 2022 – December 2023

Project: Impact of taxes and benefits on income distribution and economic efficiency (ITBIDEE)

Project leader: Ivica Urban

Period: January 2020 – January 2024

Project: Digital literacy network

Period: October 2020 – October 2023

Project: Budget guides for the citizens of the City of Zagreb

Project leader: Mihaela Bronić

Period: since 2014

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