The Institute’s bodies

The Institute’s bodies include the Administrative Board, the Director and the Board of Researchers. 

The Administrative Board adopts the Institute’s Statute and other legal acts, the Institute’s work and development programme and monitors their implementation, the financial plan for the current year; the Institute’s budget upon proposal by the Director and prior consent of the Ministry competent for science; decides on the annual account and distribution of profit; proposes changes to the Institute’s name, registered address and activities to the Institute’s founder; adopts second-degree decisions regarding the employees’ work contracts; issues proposals and opinions on specific matters to the founder, Director and Board of Researchers; decides on issues that have not been assigned to any other body pursuant to the Statute; appoints the Institute’s Director and removes them from duty and performs any other activity defined by law and/or the Statute.

The Director is the head of the Institute, who represents the Institute and is responsible for the legality of its activities. The Director organises and directs the Institute’s work and activities, executes the decisions adopted by the Administrative Board, implements the Institute’s Statute and other legal acts and issues guidelines in this matter, proposes the Institute’s annual work plan, financial plan and budget to the Governing Board, submits annual accounts and proposals for distribution of profit to the Governing Board, decides on hiring and dismissing employees, proposes the Statute and other general acts to the Governing Board and represent the Institute in all court, administrative and government proceedings and procedures.

The Board of Researchers is the Institute’s professional council whose responsibilities, as defined by the Statute include: defining and implementing the Institute’s research policy, discussing and deciding on scientific and professional matters related to the Institute, partially conducting the process of scientific rank election, if the Institute has been authorised for this process; conducting the process of hiring candidates to scientific, associate and technical positions, nominating and removing from duty one member of the Administrative Board nominating candidates for the competition committee in the process of selecting the Institute’s Director; discussing the Institute’s budget and submitting prior opinions on the Budget to the Director. 

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