Based on the article published in Public Sector Economics, Enja Erker (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Ljubljana) gave a virtual presentation on April 25, 2024, emphasizing the critical importance of forecasting medical inflation in managing the complexities of healthcare financing in the EU. Accurate predictions were highlighted as essential for policymakers, health insurance companies, and healthcare entities to proactively address challenges stemming from the sector's rapid development. 

The implications of these forecasts extend to ensuring financially accessible and high-quality healthcare for EU residents. The author’s insights shed light on the indispensable role of accurate forecasting in navigating the evolving landscape of healthcare financing within the EU.

This article was awarded as the best in the student category of the annual 2023 Hanžeković Trust Competition. A presentation and a recording of this interesting lecture are available. 

The deadline for the 2024 annual award of the Hanžeković Trust is June 1, 2024.