Evaluation of the IPF

Agency for Science and Higher Education has conducted the thematic evaluation procedure for research institutes in the Republic of Croatia during 2011. The aim of thematic evaluation was to determine rationality and efficiency of all public research organizations in the Republic of Croatia. The report will serve the National Council for Science as a basis for the projection of public research institutes network that should be established according to the Act on Quality Assurance in Science and Higher Education.

The members of the international expert team for the area of social sciences were prof. Greys Sošić, University of Southern California, United States of America; dr. Ilija Zovko, Institut Louis Bachelier, France and prof. William Bartlett, European Institute, London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom.

The report on thematic evaluation of the Institute of Public Finance is available here.


As a part of the research project Lessons from Civil Society Budget Analysis and Advocacy Initiatives, Albert van Zyl and Jim Shultz from the International Budget Partnership, Washington, visited the Institute of Public Finance in 2005 and met with the employees of the Institute, representatives of the civil society, representatives of legislative and executive authorities, journalists and other persons acquainted with the work of the Institute of Public Finance.

The purpose of the report was to describe the work of the Institute and the context in which the Institute operates.

Internet pages of the IBP contain the summary and the full text of the report.

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