Godina završetka:

Development and implementation of innovative tools aimed at combatting the problem of unregistered labour in institutions jointly responsible for minimizing the shadow economy on the labour market (SzaWER)

  • For: European Commission

  • Performer :

  • Project leader:

    • Izabela Styczyńska, Centre for Social and Economic Research (Warsaw)


    • Josip Franić, Institute of Public Finance

  • Project description:

    The main goal of the project was to build a network of Polish and foreign institutions, which would propose effective policy solutions to tackle unregistered employment in Poland. The idea was also to develop an innovative tool for assessing the PIT gap in Poland, as well as a model for estimating the financial effects of various fiscal solutions on public finance. SzaWER project also aims to raise awareness of workers and employers about disadvantages of unregistered labour, so as to reduce their propensity towards noncompliant behaviour.



    • Centre for Social and Economic Research (Poland)
    • Association for Legal Intervention (Poland)
    • Institute of Labour and Social Studies – IPiSS (Poland)
    • Voluntary Labour Corps (Poland)
    • Voivodship Labour Office in Katowice (Poland)
    • Voivodship Labour Office in Olsztyn (Poland)
    • National Revenue Administration (Poland)
    • Maguire Policy Research Ltd. (United Kingdom)

  • Project duration: June 2018 – November 2020

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