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Post-pandemic resilient communities: is the informal economy a reservoir for the next generation of digitalized and green businesses in the Global South? (PRESILIENT)

  • For: European Commission

  • Performer :

  • Contributors:

    • Josip Franić, Institute of Public Finance
    • Ivica Urban, Institute of Public Finance
    • Slavko Bezeredi, Institute of Public Finance
    • Martina Pezer, Institute of Public Finance

  • Project description:

    PRESILIENT is a large network comprising 14 partners (of which 7 are non-academic) and 15 associated partners located in Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America, committed to delivering a world-class cross-regional training on informality in the Global South to: measure it, address it, and find viable and sustainable alternatives. By doing this, the network has committed to four main objectives:

    • train the next generation of experts on informality in the Global South
    • conduct research in 15 different countries and produce novel data and significant theoretical advancements in the field
    • produce strategic intelligence that can be used to provide practical policy recommendations
    • enable multi-directional knowledge transfer through network events, pairing of academic and non-academic partners (who will jointly supervise each fellow), secondment, and task-based teamwork.


    Project leader: Dublin City University

  • Project duration: March 2023 - February 2027

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