Godina završetka:

Analysis of maternity and parental benefits in the period 2016-2021 and assessment of the new legislative proposals

  • For: Central State Office of Demography and Youth

  • Performer :

  • Project leader:

    • Ivica Urban, Institute of Public Finance


    • Slavko Bezeredi, Institute of Public Finance
    • Marko Ledić, Faculty of Economics and Business, Zagreb
    • Lea Karla Matić, Institute of Economics, Zagreb
    • Nora Mustać, Institute of Public Finance
    • Martina Pezer, Institute of Public Finance
    • Ivica Rubil, Institute of Economics, Zagreb

  • Project description:

    The Act on Maternity and Parental Benefits regulates a wide range of benefits and various rights exercised by parents and adoptive parents for maternity protection, care of new-born children and reconciliation of family and business life. Following the harmonization of the Act with the Directive on work-life balance for parents and carers, it is necessary to conduct an ex-ante and ex-post assessment of the effects of the legislative amendments.

    The research has two goals. The first goal is to make a detailed analysis of maternity and parental benefits based on available data in the period from 2016 to 2021, which was marked by significant changes in the amounts of benefits, especially related to the benefit during parental leave. The second goal is to assess the effects of the planned legal changes in August 2022 on the number of users and budget expenditures.

  • Project duration: February 2022 – December 2023

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