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Economic consequences of population ageing

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    • Marijana Bađun, Institute of Public Finance


    • Predrag Bejaković, associate

  • Project description:

    The population of Croatia is rapidly ageing, and the economic consequences of this process are numerous. In addition to affecting labour productivity and economic growth, population ageing poses a challenge to social security systems. The latter is in the focus of this project as it makes up the bulk of fiscal system expenditures. Reforms should be devised that will enable the sustainability of the pension and health care system, while meeting the principles of fairness and efficiency. Furthermore, the long-term care system for the elderly in Croatia is underdeveloped and relies on the family. Demographic changes are expected to increase the demand for formal care (in institutions or at home) and thus increase government spending on long-term care. Available data should be collected and systematized by key indicators in order to gain a comprehensive insight into the main shortcomings of the system. The project also analyses the poverty of the ageing adults.


    The objectives of the project are: (a) to investigate the consequences of the ageing population in Croatia on the pension and health insurance systems and long-term care system, (b) devise policy measures that would contribute to the sustainability of social security systems, (c) devise recommendations for improving the long-term care system in Croatia, (d) propose measures to reduce poverty of the ageing adults, (e) encourage government officials to give greater importance to demographic changes.

  • Project duration: continuously from September 2019

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