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Budget guides for the citizens of the City of Zagreb

  • For: City of Zagreb

  • Performer :

  • Project leader:

    • Mihaela Bronić, Institute of Public Finance

  • Project description:

    The goal of the project, started in 2014, is to make two kinds of budget guides– one general guide and one brief guide – in order to explain the City of Zagreb’s budget documents in a concise and simple manner to the citizens and the media.


    The general citizens’ budget guide should assist the citizens and the media in understanding the essence of the city’s budget and budgetary process, helping them to search for details of their interest and to take part in the budgetary process. This Guide will be usable for a longer period and updated only if it undergoes changes which significantly change the structure of the city's budget or budgetary process.


    Besides the general guide to the budget, when necessary, brief citizens’ guides will be published accompanying key budget documents – budget proposal, adopted budget, year-end and half-year report on the execution of the budget and budget revision. They will contain a brief overview and explanation of the content of budgetary documents they relate to, intended for the citizens and media.


    The list of guides published so far is available in the repository of the Institute of Public Finance.

  • Project duration: since 2014

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