Michael Christl, on 26 March 2024, gave a virtual presentation based on an article published in the journal Public Sector Economics about ongoing changes in labour markets that could pose a challenge to the tax-benefit systems of EU members and, therefore, affect their role with respect to social cohesion.

Authors of the article (Michael Christl, Ilias Livanos, Andrea Papini, Alberto Tumino) offered significant insights by using the microsimulation model EUROMOD to assess the fiscal and distributional consequences of socio-demographic projections by Cedefop, EUROSTAT, and the Aging Report of the Economic Policy Committee. The potential impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on tax-benefit systems' sustainability warrants further investigation. As future challenges loom, such as job creation and population aging, leveraging microsimulation models like EUROMOD proves vital for accurately assessing and addressing these complex dynamics from both budgetary and redistributive standpoints.

The presentation was moderated by Dubravko Mihaljek from the Bank for International Settlements and co-editor of the Public Sector Economics journal. 

A recording and a presentation of this interesting lecture are also available.


Photo: Unsplash