The Institute of Public Finance organizes the annual Public Sector Economics 2023 Conference: Healthcare Systems after the Pandemic to be held virtually on October 20, 2023. The goal is to analyse the state of healthcare systems after the COVID-19 pandemic and discuss policy options for tackling healthcare challenges in the post-pandemic era.

The conference will feature keynotes by Lucie Bryndova (OECD, Paris) and Dubravko Mihaljek (Bank for International Settlements, Basel).

We invite submissions of critical reviews and analytical and policy studies on various aspects of healthcare. Researchers from economics, finance, health sciences, sociology, political science and other disciplines are encouraged to submit papers. 

Abstracts or papers must be submitted electronically by 1 June 2023. 

More information, as well as relevant topics and deadlines, can be found on the conference’s website.


 Call for papers