Research :: Finished research :: 2016-2020
The Study: The measurement of Undeclared Work in EU using the labour input method

For: ICF Consulting Services Limited, London, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Project manager: Predrag Bejakovi, PhD, Institute of Public Finance

Researchers: Abbi Kedir, PhD, University of Sheffield
  Davor MikuliŠ, PhD, Institute of Economics, Zagreb
  Josip FraniŠ, PhD, Institute of Public Finance

The goal of the Project was to prepare the EU Study on the extend of the Undeclared Work using labour force. This method compares, for each of the 28 Member States, uniform supply-side data using employment figures from the official Labour Force Survey (LFS) with demand-side data on recorded labour demand (e.g. based on enterprise surveys, company declarations to tax or social security authorities, or national statistical offices) – with the discrepancy between the two being defined as undeclared work.

The project is available on European Commission website.

Period: February - September 2017

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