Research :: Finished research :: 2016-2020
The parity fund in improving the social dialogue in the building sector

For: The Croatian Employers’ Association
Project manager: Predrag Bejaković¸ Institute of Public Finance

Researchers: Marijana Bađun, Institute of Public Finance
  Dragan Brtan, Spegra inženjering Ltd
  Marta Vidaković

The Croatian Employers’ Association began with the Project "The Parity Fund in improving the social dialogue in the building sector". The goal of the project was to establish a parity fund in Croatia and to transfer at the knowledge and best practices from countries with a long tradition in social dialogue. The Parity Fund is a complementary form of social mechanisms of funds that usually cover areas such as the sectoral education and training, health and safety at work, the supplemental pension system and compensation for the holidays and days off. The focus in Croatia is on the safety at work, and that employers and trade unions can recognise its existence as a common interest in the promotion of the culture of occupational safety. All reports and documents are available in Croatian language on WEB page

Project duration: January 2016 - June 2016

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