Research :: Finished research :: 2016-2020
Social Insurance and Pension Administration Project in Macedonia (professional rehabilitation component)

For: World Bank, Washington DC and Zagreb 

Researcher: Predrag BejakoviŠ

The Ministry of Labour and Social Policy (MLSP) requested from the World Bank an investment project to strengthen and modernise administrative segments of the social insurance system in order to enable the implementation of the reform and development of a sustainable administrative and user-friendly pension system. This includes also a development of a new system of professional and vocational rehabilitation. The vocational rehabilitation in Macedonia, although envisaged in the legislation, has not currently being implemented. The field and activities related to the vocation rehabilitation, and broader professional rehabilitation, is fragmented across the legislation, but there is no institutional setup that would ensure inclusion in the professional and vocational rehabilitation process, ensure its financing and a quality network of service providers.
The task was to provide technical assistance to the MLPS and the working group in designing of the new system and legal framework for professional rehabilitation and activation of persons with disabilities. The objectives of this work was to assess and consider the previous work of the working group and the design of the professional rehabilitation centre piloted with Skopje, Strumica and other location in Macedonia. 
Project duration: February – August 2019
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