Research :: Finished research :: 2016-2020
Labour relations in the Republic of Croatia and possible directions for development of the labour legislation
For: Ministry of Labour, pension system, family and social policy 
Project managerPredrag Bejaković, Institute of Public Finance
Researchers: Vjekoslav Bratić, Institute of Public Finance
  Željko Mrnjavac, Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism, University of Split
  Martina Pezer, Institute of Public Finance
  Branko Stanić, Institute of Public Finance
  Marko Tutek, Institute of Public Finance
Marija Zuber, Croatian Association of Accountants and Financial Professionals 

The aim of the research was to analyse the system of labour relations in the Republic of Croatia and to suggest possible directions for the development of labour legislation. Many profound changes that the Croatian economy is going through, just like that of almost all countries in the region and the world, require a strong emphasis on the issue of employment security, but also the adjustment of the legal framework to new forms of work. The project study contains a description of the methodology, an analysis of the impact of labour legislation in Croatia and possible recommendations for improving this system based on the policy used in other European Union countries. 
Project duration: November - December 2020
The study has been delivered to the Ministry of Labour, pension system, family and social policy on 18 December 2020.
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