Research :: Finished research :: 2016-2020
Croatian contribution for Study supporting the 2020 Evaluation of European Social Fund

For: European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion through ICF-SF, Bruxelles

Researcher: Predrag BejakoviŠ, Institute of Public Finance

The task was to evaluate the use of European Social Fund with specific respect to the social inclusion and poverty reduction. The task was carried out through finding new information on the good experience and interviews with included stakeholders. Unemployment in Croatia, particularly if it a long-term, is the main cause of social exclusion and poverty. Therefore, after joining the EU in 2013, Croatia took the opportunity to use EU funds in order to combat high unemployment, especially among the youth population. Since, at the time, Croatia had the third largest youth unemployment rate, after Greece and Spain, it met the conditions for access to funds from both the European Social Fund (ESF) and Youth Employment Initiative (YEI) in steering policies aimed at activating and employing the youth population, mainly through the Youth Guarantee (YG) scheme. Simultaneously, in Croatia, the adequate attention has been dedicated to reduction of unemployment, particularly long-term unemployment - waiting for a job more than 12 months - and prevention of falling into long-term unemployment.
Duration of the project: February 2019 – February 2020
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