Research :: Finished research :: 2001-2005
Local government finances in the Republic of Croatia

For: Ministry of Finance of RC

Project manager: Katarina Ott, Institute of Public Finance
  Anto Bajo, Institute of Public Finance
Researchers: Vjekoslav BratiŠ, Institute of Public Finance
  Ivana Jakir, Ministry of Finance
  Danijela Kuliš, Institute of Public Finance
  Brankica KušiŠ, Ministry of Finance
  Jelena Ladavac, Institute of Economics
  Ljerka Linzbauer, State Audit Office
  Maja Lukeš-PetroviŠ, Ministry of Finance
  Ivana MaletiŠ, Ministry of Finance
  Mira MasteliŠ, Ministry of Finance
  Branka Mauhar, State Audit Office

The project will consider the following:

  • The system of local government – the local government system, the administrative bodies and the financing of them, the functions and services of the local units, the financing and financial management of the local units, the financing of capital investment, and the capital budget.
  • Managing local finances – laying down the fiscal policy and determining the budget at central government level, strategic planning of the budget of the local units, the basic structure of the local budget, budgetary technicalities, the participants in the planning of the local budget, the phases of the budgetary process, the information system, the execution of the budget, the financing and planning of capital expenditure and projects.

The Project is published in Financijska teorija i praksa, No. 3/2001.

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