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Permanent research programme of the tax system

For: Croatian Tax Administration, Central Office

Project manager: Mihaela Bronić, Institute of Public Finance 

Suradnici: Slavko Bezeredi, Institute of Public Finance 
  Vjekoslav Bratić, Institute of Public Finance 
  Martina Fabris, Institute of Public Finance 
  Josip Franić, Institute of Public Finance 
  Renata Kalčić,  Ministry of Finance, Tax administration
  Marina Kesner-Škreb
  Irena Klemenčić, Faculty of Law, Zagreb
  Martina Pezer, Institute of Public Finance 
  Branko Stanić, Institute of Public Finance 
  Ivica Urban, Institute of Public Finance 

The aim of this research is to provide analytic support of the Institute of Public Finance (IPF) to the Tax Administration (TA), i.e. to its Central Office in formulating the tax policy and the tax system. Institute will therefore continuously monitor all the information and data about the taxes and regularly deliver them to Tax administration. Institute will not participate in creating the tax policy or suggest particular tax solutions, but collect and organize the data and information which can help Tax administration in making decisions about the taxes.

For this purpose Institute will prepare three databases:

  1. Normative provisions of tax regulations in EU and in Croatia
  2. Tax statistics in EU and in Croatia
  3. Summaries of articles from foreign literature.

The first database enables the accurate and timely information for Tax administration about the normative tax solutions, the second one is about the tax statistics and the third one follows the important news in the international tax literature. Based on this data and information the Tax administration will be provided by quality base for proposals of tax solutions and for active and qualified participation in creating the tax policy.

The research started in March 2010, and will continue of the permanent basis.

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