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Overview of Social Protection Benefits in Croatia

One of the AMMATSBC project objectives is to develop the microsimulation model miCROmod that simulates selected Croatian taxes and social benefits at the central, regional and local government levels. In order to develop such a microsimulation model, a comprehensive insight into the tax-benefit system is needed. Since a suitable database of social benefits is not publicly available in Croatia, one of the initial project tasks was creating of the Overview of Social Protection Benefits in Croatia (Pregled naknada socijalne zaštite u Hrvatskoj).

The Overview is primarily used as a source for building of microsimulation models miCROmod and EUROMOD. However, it contains information that may be of interest to the academia, professionals and the general public. Therefore, we have decided to make the database public on the AMMATSBC project website.

Two files are available for download:

  1. Database Pregled naknada socijalne zaštite u Hrvatskoj (Excel, available only in Croatian)
  2. Report Pregled naknada socijalne zaštite u Hrvatskoj: Opis baze podataka (PDF, available only in Croatian)
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