Konferencije :: Welfare State Performance and Design :: Program konferencije
Invited lecture

Kinam Kim, Peter J. Lambert: Redistributive Effect of U.S. Taxes and Public Transfers, 1994-2004 (paper)

Session 1: Equity and efficiency / System-wide focus

António Afonso, Ludger Schuknecht and Vito Tanzi: Income Distribution Determinants and Public Spending Efficiency (abstract)

Predrag Bejaković: Possibility to lessen equity and efficiency trade off in social and employment policy and education (abstract)

Etibar Jafarov and Victoria Gunnarsson: Efficiency of Government Social Spending in Croatia (abstract)

Anil Duman: The Effects of Education, Labor Market Access and Public Spending on Income Inequality for Turkey (abstract)

Session 2: System-wide focus

Eduardo Tomé: Foreseeing the future in a macroeconomic perspective at a global scale (abstract)

Andreas Bergh: Explaining the Mysterious Survival of the Swedish welfare state – A Theory of Gradual Adaptation (abstract)

Stephen Coelen, Sevinc Rende and Dorothy Rosenberg: The Promises and Failures of Local Provision of Public Services in Bosnia and Herzegovina (abstract)

Session 3: Pension system

Marjan Maes: Redistributive impact of reforming the old-age pension system in Belgium (abstract)

Miroslav Verbič: The Ageing Population and the Associated Challenges of the Slovenian Pension System (abstract)

Zdenek Tomes: The impact of population ageing on the economy of pension system (abstract)

Christophe Hachon: Redistribution, Pension Systems and Capital Accumulation (abstract)

Session 4: Equity and efficiency / Welfare policies 

Edlira Narazani and Isilda Shima: The effect of income support policies to the labour supply in pre-retirement age in Austria (abstract)

Milford Bateman and Andreja Benković: Is microfinance-induced informal sector activity a workable substitute for basic state welfare provision? (abstract)

Ivica Urban: Research on redistrubutive effects of Croatian fiscal system (abstract)

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