Research :: Finished research :: 2006-2010
Open budgets, Claim Power, Transform Lives!

For: CBPP-IBP (Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, International Budget Partnership, Washington, USA)

Project manager: Katarina Ott, Institute of Public Finance

Researcher: Danijela Medak Fell, Institute of Public Finance

Supported by Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, International Budget Partnership, Washington, USA Institute of Public Finance is since December 2009 participating in a campaign assessing openness of budgets.

Initially, the campaign will assess the level of practical access people have to information around the world through a simple one-year project in which local groups working in each of 50-80 countries will ask their governments the same set of five to six questions by. The questions will focus on gathering budget information that relates to issues as diverse as health care, environmental preservation, and aid effectiveness and will result in several sets of data, including issue-specific, country-level budget information and data on the governments’ response to the information requests. The results of this project will become the basis for longer term collaboration between the members of this campaign.

The campaign will develop several databases within which it will store, sort, and analyze the project results. Two to three databases will hold the relevant policy data that governments provide in response to the issue-specific requests for information. The information collected in these databases will subsequently be analyzed by the core partners of this campaign and will be available to each local partner for their use.

After the analyses of the data is completed, a series of international and national dissemination and advocacy activities will be launched to bring attention to the findings and demand or encourage governments to improve their policies and programs.

The analyses will be disseminated and used in advocacy campaigns at the national and international levels from September 2010 onwards.

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