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Open budget index plus – quasi-fiscal activities in Croatia

For: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Washington 

Project manager: Katarina Ott, Institute of Public Finance
Researchers: Anto Bajo, Institute of Public Finance
  Irena Klemenčić, Institute of Public Finance

In order to assess transparency on select areas of public finances in 8-10 countries and to broaden insights already existing thanks to the Open Budget Index, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities from Washington (non-profit NGO which deals with budget analysis) investigated quasi-fiscal activities.

Institute of Public Finance carried out the research of quasi-fiscal activities in Croatia: the legal framework, information availability, oversight and public participation. For enabling civil society to analyze and influence public finances processes and institutions, the results of this research will be of value for the possible revisions and amendments of the Open Budget Index Questionnaire to better capture quasi-fiscal activities.

Project duration: 2012-2013 

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