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Hrvoje Čović, MSc.

Pava Turudija

Institute of Public Finance

Editorial Board
Dubravka Begović, Vjekoslav Bratić, Mario Demirović, Josip Franić, Inga Maleš, Damir Mataga, Bosiljko Zlopaša

Editorial Office
Institute of Public Finance - Carinski vjesnik
Zagreb, Smičiklasova 21

Annual subscription 745,80 kuna. Payments to account no. 2484008-1100661775, Institut za javne financije, Zagreb, quoting: subscription to Carinski vjesnik, 2021

Printed in 1440 copies.

The journal comes out ten times a year.

The journal is funded by the Ministry of Finance of Croatia

Computer typesetting and printing
Denona d.o.o., Zagreb, Getaldićeva 1
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