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Hrvoje Čović, MSc.

Pava Turudija

Institute of Public Finance

Editorial Board
Dubravka Begović, Vjekoslav Bratić, Mario Demirović, Inga Maleš, Damir Mataga, Bosiljko Zlopaša

Editorial Office
Institute of Public Finance - Carinski vjesnik
Zagreb, Smičiklasova 21

Annual subscription 745,80 kuna. Payments to account no. 2484008-1100661775, Institut za javne financije, Zagreb, quoting: subscription to Carinski vjesnik, 2019

Printed in 1466 copies.

The journal comes out ten times a year.

The journal is funded by the Ministry of Finance of Croatia

Computer typesetting and printing
Denona d.o.o., Zagreb, Getaldićeva 1
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