Conferences :: Tax Reforms: Experiences and Perspectives
2014 marks the 20th anniversary of the start of the Croatian tax reform. Therefore, Institute of Public Finance, Zagreb; Faculty of Economics, University of Zagreb and Faculty of Economics, University of Rijeka organised a conference

Tax Reforms: Experiences and Perspectives
(June 20, 2014, Zagreb, Croatia)

The aim was to compare experiences and draw lessons from tax reforms in different countries, particularly former transition economies that are now members of the EU, and euro area crisis countries such as Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain.
The Conference addressed a number of issues:

  • What were the goals and accomplishments of tax reforms regarding efficiency, neutrality, fairness and redistribution?
  • How effective have the reforms been in terms of revenue collection, the role of tax administration, administrative and compliance costs, environmental impact, and in fostering entrepreneurial activity?
  • What have we learned from these experiences?
  • How should the tax systems of these countries evolve, keeping in mind constraints of membership in the European Union, the planned adoption of the euro by countries such as Croatia, increasing globalisation of economic activity, demographic changes, the need to enhance productivity and promote innovation and investment?
  • How are the tax systems of these countries likely to evolve, given the reforms that are underway?
Conference proceedings (size: 8.6 Mb)
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