Conferences :: Tackling Undeclared Work - Asymmetry between Formal and Informal Institutions
Institute of Public Finance, Zagreb, University of Sheffield, UK and Vitosha Research, Bulgaria on September 1, 2015 organised an international conference as a part of the project Out of the Shadows: Developing capacities and capabilities for tackling undeclared work in Bulgaria, Croatia and FYR Macedonia. The conference Tackling Undeclared Work – Asymmetry between Formal and Informal Institutions.

The conference drew upon the overlaying theme of public policy approaches used to tackle the undeclared work and the relationship between the formal and informal institutions. The main purpose of the conference was to find the way forward to tackling the undeclared work. Some of the conclusions from the conference included the necessity of recognition of the institutional incongruity between the laws, codes and regulations of the formal institutions, and the norms, beliefs and values of informal institutions, when tackling the undeclared work. As such the conclusion was that in order to tackle the undeclared work institutional incongruence would have to be reduced and this can only be achieved by changing the formal and/or informal institutions.

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