Conferences :: Measuring Local Units' Transparency and Accountability: The Croatian Open Local Budget Index
In 2010 the Institute of Public Finance was measuring the budget transparency of  33 Croatian cities. Our goal was to investigate the disclosure of budget information by local units and the openness of local units to the public.

Once accepted, a local budget has an effect on each and every citizen. It determines, for example, how much citizens will pay for local public transport or how much they will pay if their children go to public kindergartens. But still, in spite of its exceptional importance, many people do not understand the local budget. It is often not in the interest of politicians to have simple, clear and transparent central or local budgets. But to all citizens, however, it should be very important to understand the budgets, and to actively participate in the budgetary process.

The Total Croatian Open Local Budget Index average is 65, meaning that the cities provided us with 65% of the expected disclosure of local budget information and the local units' openness to citizens. The best-placed city - Slavonski Brod scored 82, while the worst-placed - Šibenik scored 45.

We hope that the publication of these results would encourage all Croatian local units to become more transparent and more accountable to their citizens.

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