Conferences :: Croatian Public Debt
Institute of Public Finance organized the conference on Croatian Public Debt: Management and Challenges of Market Development.

The goal of this Conference was to analyse the present position and sustainability of Croatian public debt, future challenges of its management and determine possibilities and limitations of further market development.

The emphasis is on the present position and sustainability of public debt, strategies and good management practices, the development of primary and secondary markets, techniques of sale and yield of state securities, the relationship of the state and money market, coordination of monetary policy and public debt management policy as well as institutional infrastructure of the public debt market.

The Conference was inspired by Anto Bajo, Marko Primorac and Ana Andabaka Badurina’s book Osnove upravljanja javnim dugom. The book should contribute to better understanding of public debt; it should be used as a guide and manual for strengthening of the state institutions’ responsibilities and incite argued discussions about the public debt in Croatia. 

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