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Project "Partnership for social inclusion" launched

11 partner organisations launched project titled "Partnership for socila inclusion". Funding is provided by EU PROGRESS programme.

The project "Partnership for Social Inclusion" consists of five components that are intertwined and mutually reinforced.

1. Improving coordination and cooperation of allstakeholders (horizontal and vertical)

2. Improving employability, (including educationsystem and measures of Active Labour Market policy)

3. Information, protection of rightsand improved accessibility to the rights in the social welfare system and insurance

4.Palliating and prevention of over-indebtedness of population

5. Adjustment of the demand and supply in the social welfare system though social planning on the lower level of government.

Expected results:

-new communication and participation channel will be open for the representatives of the groups-at-risk of social exclusion and poverty,

- journalists and wider audience will be sensitised to the issue of social exclusion.

- organisation of groups-at-risk of social exclusion and poverty will be introduced to the

EU and national policies addressing social exclusion and will be enabled to contribute to the policy assessment,

- an institutionalised participatory mechanism for NAP Incl. will be established,

- mechanism for the conduction of community forums for prevention of poverty and social exclusion and local employment strategy will be initiated in three targeted locations in counties with high unemployment rate.

Project is implemented by 11 of partners including public research institute, national employment service, journalists' organisation, trade unions and civil society including organisations of persons-at-risk of poverty and social exclusion.