Research :: Finished research :: 2016-2020
The housing market and labour force mobility in five European countries

For: Spatial Analysis of Accessibility, Real Estate and Labour Markets (SAAREL) and the University in Malmö

Research manager: Peter Håkansson, University of Malmö

Reserchers: Predrag Bejaković, Institute of Public Finance, Zagreb
  Željko Mrnjavac, Faculty of Economics, University of Split
  Danijel Nestić, Institute of Economics Zagreb

Persistent and high local unemployment is a major problem all over the world. In transition processes regions develop diversely, resulting in increasing unemployment in some regions and decreasing in others. In neoclassical theory, this will even out over time, due to wage differentials and mobility. In real life, however, regional differences often remain, due to, among other things, the housing market offset mobility.

The aim of this project was to analyse and compare persistent unemployment on local labour markets in Scandinavia and post-socialist countries in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) from a defined perspective. Five workshops will take place in Malmö (Sweden), Bratislava (Slovakia), Split (Croatia), Belgrade (Serbia), and Haugesund (Norway). Output of the project is among other things to establish joint research publications among the members, to build up a database with information on local labour markets, real estate markets and transportation and to develop research joint applications.

The paper from the Project are published in a book titled Investigating spatial inequalities: Mobility, housing and employment in Scandinavia and South-East Europe whose editors are Helena Bohman and Peter Håkansson, a the Publisher is Emerald Publishing Ltd, Bingley, Great Britain.

Project duration: February 2017 - December 2018

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