Research :: Finished research :: 2016-2020
Support the Ministry of Finance of Croatia in identifying the datasets related to the Covid-19 and earthquake emergency responses and recovery to be published to ensure greater fiscal transparency

For: lnternational Budget Partnership (IBP), Washington, DC

Project manager: Mihaela BroniŠ, Institute of Public Finance, Zagreb

Researchers:  Katarina Ott, Institute of Public Finance, Zagreb
  Mihaela BroniŠ, Institute of Public Finance, Zagreb
  Branko StaniŠ, Institute of Public Finance, Zagreb
  Simona PrijakoviŠ, Institute of Public Finance, Zagreb

During 2020 Institute of Public Finance supported the Ministry of Finance to disclose timely and relevant information on the extraordinary financial and budget efforts to address the 2020 pandemic and earthquake, by providing technical assistance for the institutional coordination needed to ensure the systematic consolidation and publication of the fiscal information related to emergencies. Data specifications were based on the Fiscal Data for Emergency Response: Unpacking guides for Covid-19, developed by Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency. Based on the analysis of data availability, the IPF proposed the prioritization of datasets to be published. Based on such prioritization, IPF also collaborated with GIFT in guiding the contents structure of a digital platform for the publication of the data. 
Duration of the project: June – July 2020
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