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Fiscus is an analytical serial publication of the Institute of Public Finance. It aims at analyzing current economic issues that affect the stability of public finances or are related to the production of goods and the provision of services of broader public interest. The topics concerned have not received adequate attention in the academic and professional community and relate to economic sectors in which the public interest is concerned, directly or indirectly. On scientific and professional foundations, Fiscus seeks to empower and encourage public debate on the establishment and preservation of the stability of Croatian public finances and the economy in general by promoting transparent, prudent and responsible management. Therefore, the topics focus on the identification and quantification of potential risks that could threaten the stability of public finance, market development, the competitiveness of the Croatian economy and the economic position of the citizens.

The main objectives are:

  • to provide in-depth analysis of the financial operations of public sector institutions and those institutions that are in any way associated with the production of goods and the provision of services of a broader public interest;
  • to improve understanding of the financial consequences of their operations and increase accountability;
  • to provide objective information on their business operations to the broader professional public and to investors;
  • to contribute to the removal of administrative barriers to the development of competitiveness and the market economy.  

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