Conferences :: Social Protection Policies and Microsimulation :: Rationale
Many countries are facing substantial employment and demographic challenges, such as low employment rates, low birth rates, increasing poverty and inequality in aging societies, as well as high incidence of disease and disability. In response to these problems, countries have introduced various tax-benefit policies so as to increase labour market participation, tackle the low-birth problem and ensure appropriate level of living standards for the increasing elderly population.

Microsimulation analytical techniques take the central place in the analysis of the current state of affairs and particularly in design of new policies. In cross-country policy comparisons a huge role is played by EUROMOD, a tax-benefit microsimulation model for the EU.

The workshop is initiated as a forum for policy learning and exchange in two respects: choosing innovative tax-benefit policies to tackle employment and demographic challenges and application of microsimulation techniques and other advanced analytical tools in order to evaluate the impact of these policies.

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