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Open Budget Survey

For: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Washington 

Project manager: Mihaela BroniŠ, Institute of Public Finance

Researcher: Josip FraniŠ, Institute of Public Finance

In order to enable civil society to analyze and influence the budget process and institutions, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities from Washington (non-profit NGO which deals with budget analysis) started International Budget Project in 1997. In cooperation with civil and academic partners, an extensive questionnaire was prepared for measurement of budget transparency. In 2006 the first round of research was started involving 59 countries around the world. The information gathered through the questionnaire served as a basis for calculation of Open Budget Index 2006.

In 2008 and 2010 the second and the third cycle of research have begun. All questionnaires for Croatia have been filled by IPF researchers. The research results have been described in the IPF’s Press Releases No. 8, 26, 47, 85102, 114 and 118.

Project duration: since 2003

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