Research :: Croatian Science Foundation Projects
Croatian Science Foundation published a Call for project proposals in June 2014, providing financing of „research projects“ and „installation research projects“, with the goal of creating new and enhancing existing knowledge or applying that knowledge and its implementation. Projects are aimed at financing fundamental research which enhance knowledge of certain field and which is directed at better understanding of research object and applied research which is conducted with clear technological, economic or social goals.

The general goal of the program is the development of Croatian research-technological area and creating new knowledge with the final goal of strengthening Croatian economy and wellbeing of society. Also, the call aims at supporting research groups dealing with internationally and/or nationally significant problems. The principal investigators are accomplished researchers with internationally recognised accomplishments and active research groups. The final goal is to create research groups which can compete on international level and scientists which can mentor new generations of junior researchers.

In the field of social sciences, based on the results of evaluation and recommendations of the Permanent Committee for social sciences, the Institute of Public Finance proposed three projects.
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