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The public procurement system in Romania
Published: January 21, 2015

On Wednesday, 21 January 2015 the Institute of Public Finance hosted a lecture by Daniela Pirvu from the Faculty of Economics, University of Pitesti entitled The access of social enterprises to the public procurement market in Romania: current challenges.

The public procurement system in Romania is becoming more important in the context of harmonization with the EU rules and the increase of public spending through the absorption of European cohesion and structural funds. Daniela Pirvu has researched the period 2008-2013 as well as analysed and defined the features of public procurement in Romania. She has determined that the social enterprises actively take part in socially significant areas of social protection, social services, health, local services, education, culture, sport and recreation. Enhancement of public procurement system may be used to incite public enterprises, to achieve better results in competitive and efficient environment. Activities of social enterprises may be significantly improved if allowed access to special contracts and procedures.

We do not have the public debt management strategy?
Published: January 16, 2015

In the new Press release named Everything is like last year - we do not have the public debt management strategy? Anto Bajo and Marko Primorac point at the fact that the borrowing was done without the clear borrowing plan and public debt management strategy.

Debt and fiscal risks of local and regional self-government units in Croatia
Published: December 16, 2014

The fiscal position of local and regional self-government units (especially of the City of Zagreb) is significantly influenced by the operations of their utility firms. The debt of the utility firms is often higher than the debt accumulated by the local government units. For this reason the liabilities of utility firms have become a threat to the financial stability of local and regional self-government units, especially of the City of Zagreb. Anto Bajo and Marko Primorac in the new Newsletter entitled The debt and fiscal risks of local and regional self-government units in Croatia analyse liabilities of local units and their exposure to the financial operation of utility firms.


Osnove upravljanja javnim dugom
Published: 2011
ISBN: 978-953-7613-47-1
Osnove upravljanja javnim dugom is a university textbook that deals with the understanding of the concept, structure and techniques of issuing public debt...
Press Releases
In the Press Release entitled New tax revenue distribution between central government and units of local and regional self-government in Croatia Anto Bajo and Marko Primorac analyse a proposal for a new tax revenue distribution plan set out in the Proposal for an Act on Amendments to the Act on the Financing of Units of Local and Regional Self-government, forwarded to Parliament for urgent procedure in November.

In the last two years state companies from the road transport sector have borrowed under relatively unfavourable conditions from both domestic and foreign commercial banks and with maturities of less than seven years. In the new Newsletter entitled Government guarantees and financial liabilities of state owned road transport companies in Croatia Anto Bajo and Jelena Petrušić provide an overview of the amount and the structure of financial liabilities and government guarantees made from 2001 to 2014 to the state-owned road transport companies.

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