The Institute of Public Finance has 19 employees. It is represented by the Director of the Institute. According to the Statute, the Director is responsible for the legality of the Institute's activities, organization and management of the Institute, execution of the decisions of the Administrative board, implementation of the Statute and other general acts of the Institute. The director proposes the work programme, the financial plan and the budget to the Administrative board, submits the annual revenue account and proposal of the distribution of income to the Administrative board for approval, decides on the employment issues and other affairs regulated by the Statute.

The Director is appointed and impeached by the Administrative board based on the public competition to the term of office of four years. Since 1992 dr. Katarina Ott has been the Director of the Institute of Public Finance.

The Institute also employs researchers, expert services and administrative staff.

Researchers take part in research projects. They regularly meet with the representatives of European and international institutions. They are members of many boards, committees and counsels of the President of the Republic of Croatia, the Government, the Parliament, ministries and agencies.

Administrative services take care of all general affairs necessary for the work of the Institute -legal department, accountancy, library, archives, and maintenance and delivery services.

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