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The Institute of Public Finance, founded in 1970, is a public institution dealing with research into primarily economic topics important for economic growth and development, transition to the market economy and meeting the requirements for European integration.

Under the general aegis of public sector economics, topics such as transparency, accountability and participation, the tax system, costs of taxation, progressiveness of taxation, fiscal federalism, the pensions system and the welfare system, public debt, the unofficial economy, state aid, foreign direct investment, the financing of science and higher education, and the relations between the executive branch and the legislature in the budgetary process are subjected to ongoing investigation.

The Faculty of Economics and Business is a part of the University of Zagreb. The Faculty started out as the School of Commerce and Transport in 1920. The purpose of the School of Commerce and Transport was to provide theoretical education in fields of banking, domestic and international trade, transport and insurance. Since then it has often changed its name but never its mission. In 1968 the two schools (the Faculty of Economics and the School of Business) were merged together and the Faculty of Economic Science was founded. In 1982 the Faculty of Economic Science and the Faculty for International Trade merged into the Faculty of Economics and Business.

The Faculty of Economics and Business has an excellent reputation in educating experts in the field of economics and business. Interest in studying at this faculty is higher and higher year after year, particularly so in the last few years. Therefore our goal is to fulfil the expectations of our students by developing modern educational programmes and encouraging various teaching and research programmes.

The Faculty of Economics in Rijeka was founded in mid 1961, as a constituent member of the University of Zagreb. When the University of Rijeka was established in 1973, the Faculty was incorporated into the new institution.

The openness of the Faculty’s researchers and teachers to world science, new economic developments and new laws governing national economies and entrepreneurship, has created the conditions for conducting high quality, up-to-date, critical and scientifically based teaching. Within the national boundaries, the Faculty of Economics in Rijeka was among the first to introduce scientifically based contents, courses and research work, founded on the theory and practice of economic association and integration of countries and their respective economies. The Faculty has signed agreements on collaboration with eminent foreign faculties and universities, in the field of research and in the organization of, for instance, joint conferences and student exchanges (summer schools).

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