Conferences :: Migration and Ageing Populations Eastern-European Ageing Societies in Transition (EAST) Workshop
The Institute of Public Finance hosted the Migration and Ageing Populations workshop on September 5th - 6th 2019, organised with the Oxford Institute for Population Ageing (University of Oxford) and Ministry of Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy of the Republic of Croatia.
Participants from Central and Eastern Europe, members of the EAST (Eastern European Ageing Societies in Transition) research network, presented their research on migration and ageing. Problems which these countries are facing are very similar: the population is ageing and emigrating, and the governments cannot cope with all the social and economic consequences of these changes. Some of the topics that were discussed on the workshop were: health and long-term care workforce migration, emigration from islands, changes in the pension systems, labour force shortages, quality of life in rural areas etc. 
Professor George W. Leeson from the University of Oxford gave a lecture entitled ‘Migration as a Policy Response to Population Ageing’. He said that demographic changes are not negative because people have always wanted to live longer. However, our reactions to these changes can be negative. In his opinion, there are three main challenges: 1) increasing share of dependents, 2) declining and ageing workforce, and 3) declining population. Potential policy responses are the following: 1) increasing pension/retirement age, 2) encouraging (return) immigration, and 3) encouraging more births.  
The State Secretary at the Ministry of Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy, Ms. Margareta Mađerić, was also present at the workshop as well as her colleagues from the Ministry who gave valuable insights in the discussion on migration and ageing. They have also expressed interest to cooperate with the Institute of Public Finance in future scientific projects.


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