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Conference Tax Reforms: Experiences and Perspective
Published: 20th June 2014

This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the first major tax reform in Croatia. The Institute of Public Finance, Faculty of Economics and Management and Faculty of Economics Rijeka have organized the international scientific conference Tax Reforms: Experiences and Perspectives. The aim is to compare experiences and draw lessons from tax reforms in different countries of the region and former transition economies that are now members of the EU.

The Conference gathers distinguished Croatian and international scientists and experts, mostly from former transition countries, now members of the EU, as well as countries from the region (B&H, Serbia, Macedonia). Invited lectures were given by Gaëtan J. A. Nicodème (European Commission, Bruxelles), Sijbren Cnossen (Maastricht University and Erasmus University, Rotterdam) and Michael Keen (IMF, Washington).

Press release is available here.

New issue of Financial Theory and Practice
Published: 11th June 2014

The June issue of the journal contains the paper by Goran Vukšić Employment and employment conditions in the current economic crisis in Croatia, which analyses the developments in employment and employment characteristics by using sectoral data for Croatia between 2009 and 2012. Marina Kunovac examines changes in employment protection legislation in Croatia and Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries as well as in Croatia's main trading partners during the period between 2008 and 2013 in the paper Employment protection legislation in Croatia. Ana Grdović Gnip in the paper The power of fiscal multipliers in Croatia investigates fiscal multipliers in Croatia in the period 1996-2011 by employing Blanchard Perotti SVAR and STVAR models. Hrvoje Arbutina and Nataša Žunić Kovačević provide an overview of double taxation conventions and analyse goals of tax treaty policies in differentiated stages with a survey of the economic implications in the paper The history of double tax conventions in Croatia. Tomislav Globani reviews a book by Richarda Baldwina and Charlesa Wyplosza The Economics of European Integration.


Osnove upravljanja javnim dugom
Published: 2011
ISBN: 978-953-7613-47-1
Osnove upravljanja javnim dugom is a university textbook that deals with the understanding of the concept, structure and techniques of issuing public debt...
Press Releases
In the latest Press Release entitled Who gets state aid in Croatia?, Marina Kesner-Škreb comments on the state aid data presented in the Croatian Competition Agency's Annual Report on State Aid for 2012 which is in parliamentary procedure.

The new Newsletter by Ivica Urban entitled Supports for households with children analyses child benefits, a portion of guaranteed minimum benefit intended for children and PIT personal tax allowance for children. The amounts of these supports to households  with children are functions of income. Once these functions are calculated for hypothetical households and their graphs plotted, interesting interdependencies, patterns and irregularities can be noticed in certain supports but also in the set of supports viewed as a whole. The key problem of this set of supports for children lies in the “stepwise” design of the child benefit which creates a situation where a minor change in income leads to major changes in the amount of the child benefit.

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